Signs Something’s Amiss in your “LTR” (And Things You Should Be Careful About If You’re The Guilty Party)

Signs Something’s Amiss in your “LTR” (And Things You Should Be Careful About If You’re The Guilty Party)

What are some of the signs?

  1. He suddenly has a lot of overtime, but he’s always broke.
  2. He’s on the pc or smartphone for hours, but whenever you step in the room, he’s always on the AOL home page or says he’s chatting with some old childhood  friend on Facebook.
  3. He decides it’s time to buy his own pc or make he activates the lock feature on his phone.
  4. He’s forever meeting up with straight college buddies when they’re in town. Only you thought he only graduated high school.
  5. He’s visiting folks more and more out of state but he told you he was an orphan.
  6. He’s either got late night meetings or business trips always on weekends, even though he works as a cashier at the local True Value.
  7. He announces the all-gay gym he goes to has expanded its hours and is now open until 2 a.m., seven days a week, including Christmas.
  8. He runs out for toilet paper at Walmart and is gone four hours.
  9. He confiscates the cell phone bills before you can look at them.
  10. He keeps gushing about the better camera on his new smartphone but never shows you the pics he shoots.
  11. You open the pc and find twenty something Mapquest requests for local addresses in just the last month, none of which you recognize.
  12. You find empty tab casings for Viagra in the trash, only you don’t use it and he’s a bottom.
  13. Whenever you go out together, there’s always some guy mistaking him for someone else.
  14. He’s on the pc/smartphone for hours.



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