You Can’t Have It Both Ways

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

A while back, l penned a piece entitled “Do Transgenders Belong in Our Sandbox?,” in which l voiced my view that many transgenders go on to lead heterosexual lives and therefore do not continue to face the stigma and discrimination we who are homosexual most or all of our lives experience, even though if you were born gay you couldn’t pick a better time in history to do it.  Consequently they should not be grouped with us lifers, i.e., gay men and women and practicing bisexuals.

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Well, a vindication, sort of, of my viewpoint has come from none other than the transgender who created that community’s flag. When Wilton Manors here in South Florida, considered the unofficial gay capital and largest gay party town in the country today, decided to permanently fly the Rainbow flag as a symbol of its stature in the gay mindset, the transgender flag creator, Monica Helms argued that the transgender flag be flown as well since in Helms’ own words in a letter sent to Wilton Manors City Hall:

“Many trans people identify as straight and wish not to be included under the Rainbow flag because of being straight.”

Okay, exactly my sentiments folks but now is where it gets strange: she asked that the trans flag be flown on three annual transgender remembrance days to “show that the city is aware of the large diversity of the trans community and supports them.”

Let me get this straight: you claim most trans people identify more with the straight world than ours, yet you want us to somehow still recognize you.


If you don’t connect with us which is what l said in my original piece, why would you want to be in our sandbox now? If that’s the case, Wilton Manors should recognize every asexual citizen in its borders, or wives who like to fuck their husbands with a strapped on dildo on Thursday nights …

If you don’t identify with us Rainbow people, then in my mind you’re just another member of mainstream society and aren’t deserving of any special recognition at all.

You can’t have it both ways.

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