He May Be 5’2, But He’s The Tallest Guy in The Room

He May Be 5’2,  But He’s The Tallest Guy in The Room

He’s the guy if you frequent our Lauderdale leather bar, the Ramrod, you don’t notice at first. Short, cute and young with a compact lightly furry body, curly red hair and grizzly beard, it’s not until you spy his cane and limp which wisey forces him to stay in the shadows or hang loose at the small leather store by the entrance and watch the seemingly endless sea of men pass by that you realize he’s different from the rest.

And you’d be right. For at 5,’2, Cody in my mind is the tallest guy in the place.

We first made contact on – where else – but one of the hookup sites. I almost never even consider reaching out to a twenty something – sad to say l have found so many of them to be airheads with the social skills of an unflushed toilet. But l was intrigued by his mention in his profile that he had a disability and his almost defiant attitude that if a prospective bedmate had a problem with that he could, well, go fuck himself. In chatting with him online l found out his disability was cerebral palsy which l confess l knew little about.

Now unlike many guys who get turned off by physical deformity, l had known it since a child when l helped my grandfather who had lost his right arm to the elbow in a factory accident strap on his black patent leather prosthesis that was all for looks when he dressed for Sunday church. In my youth l had dated a double amputee who lost both his legs in Vietnam, and had a wheelchair bound buddy l had met while summering at my Pennsylvania country home who still calls me his private leatherman. But l had never known or even met a guy with CP in my life. Yes, l gotta be honest. l was curious.

I expected the short young guy with the cane and the limp who looked even younger than his twenty three years that l picked up for dinner a week later to start spouting off about the latest Rihanna concert as soon as he got into my car. Instead l was confronted with an incredibly mature, and yes, handsome young man who l realized later was also incredibly street smart, and who like me, fifty years his elder, found most of his peers lame brained. A fellow former Jersey boy, we hit it off immediately. It sounds strange but It was almost like l had known him all my life.

His CP the result of a fucked up childbirth, Cody was pimped out as a  kid by his crack addicted mother to her dealers in exchange for drugs, and when he didn’t always cooperate he was beaten, crazy as it sounds something that made him even stronger and more determined to rise above it all. And unlike many victims of CP who have immense developmental challenges, Cody was born a genius with an IQ exceeding 130 and who, still in his teens, orchestrated his own adoption by foster parents to escape his private hell. A man of his time, he quickly gravitated to lT, graduated high school when most kids still needed to take their shoes off to count, and completed his doctorate – yes, doctorate folks –  by age twenty. This incredibly cute kid with the cane and twisted limbs. He got his first job by disassembling and reassembling an IT corp’s computers – without a manual. The company president was so flabbergasted when he heard the news he flew in from Japan just to witness this boy wonder. Today Cody works in the world he loves and also handles administrative work for a local healthcare agency.

Unfortunately his personal life continued to be a train wreck. His legal husband, a heroin addict who he supported, committed suicide by intentionally overdosing. Cody loved the guy so much and was so distraught that he nearly grabbed a syringe when he found him dead to do himself in. But l think he realized he had been through too much shit to throw it all away now.

His wild side brought him to Lauderdale where as a pup in the local leather scene he entered a polymorous relationship with a handsome older Sir and the guy’s partner. But Cody also had that independent streak in him and while he continues to love Sir to this day, he also knew he needed to be on his own. Today he shares a small apartment with a buddy, rebuilding his once stellar credit that had been obliterated by his husband’s untimely demise, and plans to buy a home soon.

Like many victims of CP, Cody’s condition has led to a multitude of other health issues, including several surgeries. And as if life hadn’t thrown enough shit at him, this sweet young man was in a terrible car crash that left his hip shattered. But where many lesser folk would have given up and demanded a pity party before they jumped off a bridge, Cody not only persevered but rose above it all, a quality – besides his adorably boyish looks, piercing black eyes, grizzly beard that l like to rub against my chest, a handsome man’s penis that feels so good in my mouth and his lightly furry body, beautiful despite or may be because of his deformity – that makes him incredibly sexy.

Now while my childhood was like a Disney movie, l still feel an infinity to Cody, as a fellow short guy, academic nerd and social outlier who learned pretty quick you needed to be assertive to succeed in a tall man’s world.

And while l’m old enough to be his granddad, l view Cody as my super smart kid brother who l am protective of when we’re out together against the morons who are oblivious to his problem, but who l am also learning so much from at the same time.

The other night when he was over my place, he spent as much time programming my new notebook as we spent in bed, and the next day when we visited the local Apple store, crowded with yuppies and guppies, to get the cracked screen on his iphone fixed, I wanted to grab him, this short young kid with a cane but the determination of Goliath, and hold him close to me. As much out of admiration as out of lust.

Understand now why for me Cody is the tallest guy in the room?

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