They’re As Guilty As lf They Pulled The Trigger

They’re As Guilty As lf They Pulled The Trigger

I’m talking about Noor Salman, wife of Pulse shooter Omar Mateen, and his employer G4S, surprisingly the largest security company in the world where he worked as a security guard, both of whom have been sued by victims’ families and survivors of the Pulse massacre for having known he was unstable but for taking no action to stop him. Forty nine people were killed, a third of them right on the dance floor, and 68 were injured, the majority of them gay, in the largest mass shooting in American history.

Matten’s wife knew of his plans, even accompanied him casing potential targets. One of them was Disney World, but the park’s strong though not infallible security made him go after a much softer target and certainly one that fed into his closet case homophobic psychosis:  a gay dance club. Given the fact he lived in Florida, how much more high profile places like the touristy Alibi and Hunters dance club here in Fort Lauderdale were spared is anybody’s guess.

Noor, like Mateen’s previous wife, was physically abused and was already planning to leave him with their young son. So how could anyone with a conscience who saw what he was planning not go to the authorities?

G4S’ compliancy lies even deeper. Not only did it ignore other employees’ reports of threats made against them by Mateen, and his boasts of connections with al-Qaeda and the Boston Marathon shooters, which according to the company’s own internal protocol should have led to his weapon being seized, G4S falsified his and hundreds of other employees’ mental health validations using the name of a psychologist who no longer practiced.

Not mentioned in the lawsuit is the questionable actions of law enforcement which waited three hours before storming the club, allowing Mateen to pick off additional victims like little duckies at a carnival side show cowering in the club’s bathrooms.

What l have found most appalling in this entire episode is that not much has changed in attempting to catch nut jobs like Mateen before they act. Case in point: there has been no visible increase in security at any of the Fort Lauderdale clubs which are frequented by millions of tourists annually. I’m a barfly so I should know.

When the fuck are we all going to wake up?



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