Deja Vu All Over Again: Trump and Nixon

Deja Vu All Over Again: Trump and Nixon

A while back, l posted a blog detailing the resemblances between Hitler and Trump, both megalomaniacs, both using scapegoats to further their agenda, both using censorship to solidify their power, and the like.

But now we have a disquieting comparison much closer to home: Nixon, the first and to today the only President to resign the office in disgrace, and our current President, Sir Donald.

Nixon was forced out of office because audiotapes he himself ordered of all White House conversations revealed he knew and may have even ordered the break in of the Democratic Election Headquarters located in the Watergate office/residential complex in D.C. The plot to somehow sabotage the Democrats was plain stupid since Nixon was considered the frontrunner and indeed took the election in 1972 by a landslide. But then again Nixon was a megalomaniac, control freak and a bit nuts.

When Special Counsel Archibald Cox seemed to be getting too close to the truth, Nixon fired him only to be done in by a special prosecutor named by Congress which was then dominated by the Dems.

Sound familiar? FBI Chief Comey was in the middle of an investigation into the possible collusion by the White House and perhaps even Trump himself with Russia in sabotaging Hillary’s bid for the White House and perhaps much worse. So what did Trump do? Fire Comey who like Cox may have been getting too close to the truth, not one of Trump’s alternate truths but the real deal. But then again Trump is a megalomaniac, control freak, and a bit nuts.

Now Nixon resigned because he knew or may have even orchestrated that break in into the headquarters of his opposition party; years later Clinton was accused (that’s all the word impeach means; you have to be proven guilty of the accusation to be thrown out of office) for lying about having his dick sucked by a minor White House staffer.

But both those transgressions seem like child’s play when compared to being in bed with our long-standing adversary Russia. (Could Trump’s billion dollar business entanglements, present and proposed, with the Reds have something to do with it?) While Trump may think he can play Teflon Man since the Pubs dominate Congress, once he becomes a liability with senators and representatives who have to keep their constituents back home happy if they want to be reelected to their cushy jobs,  they will desert him quicker than the phone company pulled out coin phones. And the Dems and even some hope-I-can-save-my ass-when-the shit-hits-the-fan Republicans are already calling for a Special Prosecutor. Although the John Q. Public Trumpettes are still behind their man 110%.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about all this is that it is happening so early in the game. Most Presidents accused of less than kosher activities were in their second term. Trump hasn’t even been President for six months!

Supposedly a letter signed by Nixon while he was President and sent to Trump is prominently displayed in the Oval Office. In the letter Nixon praised the then young entrepeneur for his corporate achievements and predicted that he might one day be President.


Wishful thinking?

Or a backhanded curse?

Stayed tuned.

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