The Scent of A Man

The Scent of A Man

Most of you are familiar with the Al Pinco flick, “The Scent of A Woman,” but for me nothing is a more powerful aphrodisiac than the scent of a man. Sorry if some if you think l’m a pig or some unsanitary beast but no cologne or deodorant on my man. Just gym steady. Lying there together in the quiet, a quiet that we created and is ours alone, freshly showered or bike ride dripping, two men, naked and totally exposed to one another, to me there is nothing like it and takes sex from the plains of anatomical mechanics to the heaven of pure lust and intimacy ….

….the scent of his moustache and beard and the back of his neck and your own cock as you stroke against them…

…his armpits that you lick and kiss to rekindle the aroma of his sweat…

… his chest that you tongue slowly, crisscrossing back and forth from nipple to nipple as you work down his abs to the prize …

….the smell of the skin on his penis and sweat that accumulates on its underside as you raise it to your mouth, your own dick throbbing almost in unison with his, likewise his sac that you kiss and pet, lifting it with the respect one man owes another to smell the sweat that lies beneath it on the pathway to his butt…

… and oh, that butt, the folds between his cheeks the altar to man scent…

When you turn up the heat or turn down the ac you do it because you want to OD on him.

About the only thing better is when he brings his nose to your chin and begins his own exploration of you.


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