Another Cautionary Tale About Sexting

Another Cautionary Tale About Sexting

Have you ever been “catfished?” Sure you have. Most of us have if we’ve played the electronic hook-up game long enough. With catfishing, an individual creates a virtual persona to lure you, but ends up never being available to connect in the flesh because they don’t exist. Sound familiar?

Now for some guys who want to partake in illegal activity like sex with an underage kid, catfishing can lead to more dire consequences than a disappointed dick. Take the case of Joshua Asseraf, a 22 year old hottie, former competitive swimmer and Fort Lauderdale lifeguard, who thought he was negotiating the use of an Indiana father’s nine year old daughter for sex but ended up being caught in a federal pedifile sting. He was recently sentenced to ten years in federal prison. My advice Joshua: you better become somebody’s bitch pretty quick before you’re handed around from dick to dick.

Is what he did stupid? Or just stupid?

I’ve often wondered if you’re into real young guys – thank God l’m not – and that  20 year old you been sexting on one of the hookup sites turns out to be 17, and when his mommy or daddy catches him sweet talking to you decides to call the cops. Who’s to blame? After all, his profile said he was 20 years old. Well, according to my neighbor who is a paralegal, it doesn’t matter. You are the one at fault, not the hook-up site.

Buyer beware.


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