The Belt Loop Boys

The Belt Loop Boys

We’ve all seen them, usually on a Saturday night in a packed bar where they can max their exposure. Two buffed, well built, usually 6’4” clonely guys that look like twin brothers, one (the top?) practically banging his crotch against the other’s bubble butt as he trails behind, his index finger securely through one of his partner’s levi belt loops. I guess the ultimately sign of affection, right? And the two of them always seem to be constantly glancing around, above the heads of everyone else, but not really focused on anything or anybody, with expressionless faces or side glances to see if people are noticing them.

Are they ever really available? Are they doing it all for show? Or if they are up for a threesome, committed as they are to one another, who the fuck would meet their standards? God?  (“You’re O.K., but that beard is just too unruly …”)

Funny, one night not too long ago at a local sex club, two of these belt loop boys I had seen in the bars dozens of times came up to me, yes, humble, unworthy me, and wanted to screw around. Now, screw around to them was one fuck the shit out of me while I went down on the other. Since I’m a top, that wouldn’t work and we soon went our separate ways. But I did chuckle to myself that I had actually seduced some belt loop boys. I chuckle, you see, because most of them, as aesthetically beautiful as they are, do little for me downstairs. They’re like admiring a truly stunning woman, you know what I mean. Or Michelangelo’s David.  I like my guys more real and rough around the edges. But I still must admit it was one of life’s Kodak moments. Christ, the cuter of the two even gave me a butch “hey” the next time we bumped butts in the bar.

Can life get any better than that?

Yes it can.

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