Spam or Scam?

Spam or Scam?

Got this as a message apparently sent to many on one of the hook up sites:

“About To Be Homeless”

“I’m 42 and handsome and a newbie to Fort Lauderdale from S.F. Landed a few days ago to find myself in a nightmare of a roommate mess. He’s been fighting with his alkie other half since l got here. I need to find a spare couch to sleep on til l can find my own place by the first of the month. Will pay.”

I know a few of you, the naive or the homely, may feel sorry for this poor guy who just happens to look like casting couch material.  (That is, if that’s actually him in the picture). But really, is he spam, like in no nutritional value, or scam, like in devious manipulator?

I mean would you leave whatever you got gonna (probably little unless this guy was a corporate attorney for Apple ) in the CyberJewel of the Left Coast which right now beats NYC as the most expensive place to live in the U.S. of A., to be somebody’s rooomate/standby fuck buddy in Fort Lauderdale, without at least a quick visit to check things out first?

If he did just pull up stakes, and that’s him in the pic, well he’s dum and pretty. If that ain’t his pic, he’s just dum. Don’t you be too.

But let’s try a different scenario, shall we?

You fall for his hearts and flowers story, and maybe he is Mr. Hottie, but after a few days of pretending to look for a place, he decides your place looks just fine. Period. While of course he hasn’t given your wee wee a second look. He eats your food, uses your toilet paper, and pleads he’s broke but is trying to look for a job. From his smartphone, of course. You finally realize you’ve been a jerk and the week max you thought you’d be picking up after him turns into Week Number 2, and yoy come from the supermarket to find him in your bed with some cutie he picked up on Scruff.

Even if you’re 5’7 and 130 wet and he’s six foot and 180 dry, you tell him: “Get the fuck out!”

He smiles and continues to fuck his cutie.

Do you know that if you call the cops,  they will basically tell you that if you invited him into your house, he’s your problem not theirs?

Lesson to be learned: when it comes to gentleman callers make sure you don’t fall for hard luck stories or guys you couldn’t handle if they give you a hard time, no pun intended .

Or you can call your buddy Eddie who used to work for the Mob back in New York who promised: ‘lf anybody gives you a hard time, they’ll end up in my trunk.”

Tell him for this one he’s going to need his truck.

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