It’s Equality Week But Has Our Time Come and Gone?

It’s Equality Week But Has Our Time Come and Gone?

(This blog originally ran February 24, 2017. Even if Trump is thrown out of office, we’re left with Pence who is an even bigger homophobic so what I outlined here still can happen.)

As l’ve pontificated before, the time to win civil rights for gays was under Obama. Instead we went after a rather narrow freedom, gay marriage, which would have come under equal rights as citizens anyway. A lot of tight assed people were pissed a handful of old fart justices made it happen, the same redneck good old boys – and girls – who made the Trump win possible.

Even before the most solidly conservative government our country has seen in years took the reign of power, we were witnessing the use of religious beliefs by businesses as a legal reason to discriminate. In fact even the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby when it refused to offer ObamaCare to is employees because of its contraceptive clause which its owners said violated their own religious beliefs.

Recently Trump attended a prayer breakfast where he pronounced religious freedom as priority one in his Administration. Add to that his vow to repeal the Johnson Act (named after the then Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson) which would allow faith based organizations to donate to political causes and you got colossal collusion in the making.

Follow this scenario: Trump proposes a law that, in a sense, makes it legal for any business, organization or for that matter individual to discriminate against anyone – though we would be the unspoken prime target – because it would be a violation of their religious beliefs (“Men sleeping with men is an abomination sayeth the Lord”), and we’re cooked. Wedding cakes are just a footnote to being passed over for a job or not being to able to buy or even rent a condo because the guy in control even thinks you’re gay. (Watch out you str8 metrosexuals.)  With the Republicans in control of Congress, the proposal will be passed quicker than you can stick a hard dick in a loose hole.

Why do l say we’re cooked probably for most of our lifetimes, and that includes you cute twenty somethings? Because predictably the law will be challenged by the ACLU, every gay activists group imaginable and maybe even strong women’s groups like NOW most likely on Separation of Church and State grounds and its fate will eventually come before the Supreme Court to decide.

Now the current candidate Trump has nominated to fill the vacancy left by the death of Anthony Scalia is no big deal. Federal judge Neil Gorsuch himself says Scalia was his mentor, so putting him in Scalia’s robes is sort of like switching Coke for Pepsi. No, the real problem for us is when one or more of the liberal or open minded justices leaves simply because of old age like Ruth Bader Ginsburg who’s 83 or Anthony Kennedy who turns 80 and Trump replaces them with conservatives, tipping the balance of the Court to the right probably for the next twenty years or more. (When you become a Supreme Court justice, it’s for life baby.) The law about discriminating against individuals because of your own religious beliefs comes before this new Court and its repeal is shot down. That’s it folks. There’s no place else to go.

End of story.

The Founding Fathers didn’t call it the Supreme Court for nothing.

Some feel Corporate America will come to our rescue. After all 515 of  the largest companies in America scored a perfect score in being gay friendly by the National Humans Rights Foundation. But remember one thing: corps take their orders from Wall Street and Wall Street takes its orders from D.C


(Picture: Sunday;s Euality Rally in downtown Fort Lau

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