Another Casualty of Not Going After Equal Rights Under Obama: Gay Adoption

Another Casualty of Not Going After Equal Rights Under Obama:  Gay Adoption

I mentioned in a recent blog on Equality in our times that we missed the boat by not achieving the whole package when we had a chance under Obama. I hypothesized that a law allowing individuals and entities to discriminate against us because of their religious beliefs would bring an abrupt end to our fight particularly if such a law went before a conservative Supreme Court. That could happen with Trump’s or Pence’s next Court appointment.

I’m not alone in that thinking. In a national poll, eighty two per cent of gays indicated that they feared a rollback in LGBT gains in equality under the Republicans.

But we don’t have to wait for that: pending legislation in Texas and North Dakota would permit stated funded adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples or singles who l guess they assume are gay from adopting, again because of religious beliefs. And legislation sitting in Congress could make such discrimination go national.

Despite the fact the number of gays who have adopted doubled from 2013 to 2015, the year gay marriage became legal – 28,000 same sex couples raising 44,000 kids – many faith based adoption agencies will not even consider gay marrieds or individuals, or are letting their applications whistle in the wind without saying why. And they are getting away with it.

ln those areas of the country where it is against the law to discriminate, some Catholic based adoption agencies have actually shut down rather than be forced to comply.

Back to our being half a citizen like when to placate the South the writers of the Constitution allowed slaves to be counted as three fifths of a person. And what about all that school tax l paid and still pay as a single person, or paying higher federal income taxes as a single  to subsidize str’8’s fucking when l’m actually using less resources, that’s okay huh?

The sad part is the real loser are the 100,000 foster children currently up for adoption, and stats show that gays are more likely to adopt the least desirable of them, the developmentally challenged, the multi-racial and those “aging out.”

I said it before and I’ll say it again: individual rights usurp anyone’s religious beliefs and our activists picked the wrong battle to fight when they focused on gay marriage at a time when much more could have been accomplished.  If we had gotten full equal rights, everything else including gay marriage, adoption by gays, and even more important to most of us, anti-discrimination in housing and employment would have all been part of the package. Already the Department of Commerce has removed sexual orientation and gender identity protection from its Equal Employment Opportunity statement. And the Republican version of the new health care bill will eviscerate care for HIV and the poor, many of whom are gay.

An ex-fuck buddy of mine whose overly idealistic views really began to irritate me, the realist, would go to every anti-Trump rally or Equality gig. lf it wasn’t for fucking up some good sex, l often wanted to say to him:

“Why are you wasting your time?”









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