Reading Between The Lines

Reading Between the Lines

When you’ve played the web as much as I have, you begin to get the subtext behind guys’ responses.

You compliment a guy – “You’re hot!” – and he comes back with a “Thanks, man.” That means, “thanks for catering to my ego but I still ain’t gonna let you suck my dick.”

You and a guy think one another is mutually hot, you try to pin him down on when and where and he answers, “look for me here.”  That means: “If I’m on when you’re on next time and I’m horny and nobody better has come alone, maybe, just maybe if you’re willing to drive ten miles to my place at 3 a.m., I’ll let you suck my sorry dick.”

“Wanna connect?” you ask a guy. His response: “Sure.” or “Cool” or “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Can you get any more non-committal than that?

Have a Great Fourth of July – Chat with you next Wednesday the 5th.


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