The Cupie Doll Syndrome and Network News

The Cupie Doll Syndrome and Network News

I used to watch Scott Pelly’s CBS News on weekday evenings since although he wasn’t totally impartial about Sir Trump, at least he was not as unabashedly biased as super conservative Fox or ultra-liberal CNN.  I got whatever l needed about the weary, fucked-up world we live in in thirty neatly packaged minutes, marveling at the risks taken by his reporters on the Isis and Syrian fronts, and then Scott and l would take our Prozac together.

But just a few weeks ago to my unpleasant surprise, Scott got canned (he still covers Sixty Minutes). Why? Because his ratings among the three network news anchors, Lester Holt of NBC, David Muir of ABC and himself were the lowest.

Was it content l thought? Or like the other cable news outlets especially FOX where its female commentators all look like blonde or brunette Barbie Doll clones, had Scott fallen to what l can best term the Cupie Doll Syndrome?

From what l heard, Muir’s show is now at the top of the shit heap and last week l watched a few of its segments to see why. Now l can’t comment on the quality of its newscasting since l haven’t seen enough of it, but the why at least from jagged view was simple:

Muir and his gang of reporters are all pretty and young, probably all under forty, or well maintained like Muir who’s a boyish handsome 42 year fuck (the same age as my good-looking lover back in Lauderdale) and – sorry guys – married to a man.

Contrast them to Scott’s team who is predominantly over 50 with a few youngish up and comers and you get the drift.

Right now they have fill-ins in Scott’s place. I’d be real curious to see if CBS follows the trend and replaces him with a matinee idol and starts purging its experienced but aging news team with the young and the restless.

And God help you if you’re in journalism school knowing that the jobs are in cable and web outlets, no longer in newspapers and magazines that are going the way of the landline phone (AT&T is already phasing out landlines in some regions) and you aren’t photogenic.



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