Have you ever thought how many ways us uncultured guys use the word fuck or as my shy, G-rated spell check says “fuk”?

Go fuk yourself!

Fuk you!

Ask me if l give a fuk, go ‘head and ask me!

What the fuk!

Who the fuk do you think you are?

Fuk ’em!

Get the fuk out of here! ( As l shouted one nite when a low life suddenly opened the unlocked passenger door of my Element  as I was sitting in my car in a dark, deserted lot stupidly checking messages on my Samsung Galaxy just after leaving my favorite leather bar.)

Don’t fuk with me, motherfuker!

About the only way we use it affectionately and probably the way we use it the most is:


When we’re with a hot guy or OUR guy…

When we see a hottie pass us by in a car or in his running shorts or speedos…

Or when we’re just wet dreaming …

Of all the four letters in English, none screams out such contempt or, in the right context, such ecstatic pleasure.

Fuk yea!


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