My Take on the Current Transgender Controversy

My Take on the Current Transgender Controversy

You can look at it from a number of angles. Banning transgenders from the military is discriminatory at first blush, yet because we did not go for total equal rights under the Obama Administration and instead harped on a very narrow right, namely gay marriage, who do we have to blame but ourselves?

On the other hand, I have read in print the fact that many transgenders tend to identify with heterosexuals, not us so where should we stand in this mess? (See my recent blogs, “Do Transgenders Belong in Our Sandbox?” ;  “You Can’t Have it Both Ways,” )

But even if you agree Trump’s position is discrimination against citizens of the US., particularly those protecting all of our rights as members of the military, no one, l mean no one should enter the military thinking the government, meaning us as taxpayers, are going to pay for their transgender surgery which costs well over one hundred dollars per person and which could amount to tens of millions when looking at the military as a whole, if that is the guy or gal’s underlying reason for entering the military in the first place.

Grossly put, they should be “done” with their transformation before they sign up, or leave if they’re conflicted.

Sure, it may be a miniscule portion of the Department of Defense budget which, if Trump has his way, will suck up even more of the dollars left for everything else, but as a transgender, in support of the ban, recently commented, the military “is not a sex clinic.”

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