Are We Next?

Are We Next?

In just one week. Trump and his cronies in D.C. attacked the fairness of Affirmative Action, and the right for individuals to legally immigrate to the U.S. unless they have special skills.

Now, some argue that after being on the books for over sixty years,  it’s time the policy that gives black Americans special consideration in situations like college admissions should end, and that such decisions should be made on merit alone. Trump has voiced support for a legal action taken by a group of Asian Americans who brought a suit against Harvard, claiming its preferential entry standards for blacks robbed them of slots that merit alone should have won them.

And when it comes to immigrants and an economic reason for their entry, my grandfather on my father’s side was sponsored by his brother who was working in the coal mines of Sand Coulee, Montana, and had a job waiting for him. It was around 1908 and family folklore claims my grandfather who knew no English had a sign around his neck when he arrived at Ellis Island from Slovakia that read: “Ship Me to Montana.”

As for the poem by Emma Lazarus at the base of the Statue of Liberty about America addressing the world “to give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” much of the immigration at the beginning of the last century that saw millions from southern and eastern Europe, in particular, come to the U.S was fueled by the capitalistic expansion of the white Anglo-Saxon industrial czars who, plain and simple, needed the cheap labor. It had less to do with altruism and more to do with making a buck.

And if you think these issues only affect somebody else, get this: nine states beginning January of 2018 will require the flying public and that includes all us “red blooded Americans” to present a passport in addition to driver’s license or  ID card to fly DOMESTICALLY.


Probably some of you are beginning to ask: okay buddy, so what’s your point?

Are we gay Americans who arguably are still the most reviled group in America  despite all the patronization we’ve gotten in recent years – largely because of our economic clout not because people are more open minded  –  be next on the Trump hit list?

Could the legality of gay marriage be tinkered with? Or as l’ve pontificated before, a national law passed allowing religious liberties to be used as a reason for discriminating against us?

Or worse?



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