A New Continuing Series Starting Friday: My Life As A Gay Man, as told through my experiences with the most iconic men in my life…

A New Continuing Series Starting Friday: My Life As A Gay Man, as told through my experiences with the most iconic men in my life…

Life as l often say is of the moment, and right now, at this moment of my life as l enter my seventy first year, l’m damn lucky. Outside of some sore bones, l have absolutely no health issues affecting most people my age. I have a handsome 42 year old lover back in Lauderdale while spending the summer with my cantankerous ex for whom, pushing 80, with failing vision l have become something of a caregiver; plus assorted fuck buddies, each with their own shall we say, “specializations.”

But that is not to say that l’m not a war weary veteran of The Gay School of Hard Knocks.

In my fifty years as an active gay man, l lived the birth of Gay Liberation; the decadent seventies; the AIDS genocide of the eighties and into the nineties that wiped out some of the handsomest men of my generation; through the fast changing first decades of this millennia and the web which has totally reinvented gay life, not always for the better.

My experiences during those years helped shape, no, became my works of erotic gay romance:

“Basic Butch,” my short story collection of guys – and a few gals –  who lived life on the edge with consequences they never bargained for;

”Not In it for The Love,” about a Florida drifter who becomes a Wall Street broker’s toy boy but finds love, something he never wanted, from a crippled musician until 9/11 tears all their lives apart;

“The Czar of Wilton Drive,” which is the bar strip in Lauderdale, where a young naive New York suburban millennial inherits two of the most popular gay bars in Fort Lauderdale from his dead gay uncle and is suddenly immersed in the underbelly of South Florida gay life and falls in love with the man responsible for his uncle’s death, and

“Buy Guys,” about two Jersey pretty boys, becoming lovers, who go down to Lauderdale to hustle gay retirees and vacationers as male escorts but find their scheme blow up in their faces.

My newest book for publication later this fall, “For The Love Of Samuel,” tells the story of an aging gay man who finds eternal youth and the love of his life in the magical relic of a long dead Civil War soldier.

The raw experiences on which my erotic fiction is based come from the experiences l have had with some of the most iconic men in my life, and it these experiences that l will be sharing with you in my new continuing series, “My Life As A Gay Man” which begins Friday with my first sex object, my Dad.

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