Wedding Cakes, Heresy, Jock Talk, and Will and Grace

Wedding Cakes, Heresy, Jock Talk, and Will and Grace

The Supreme Court has decided to hear the infamous case where a bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple on the grounds their religious beliefs would be compromised. The Trump Administration has supported religious liberty as a legit reason for businesses to discriminate against us and is looking to the Court to allow such an exclusion to “expressive” enterprises like bakers, photographers and musicians. Where would it end? Aren’t plumbers “expressive?” This is a big one;  If the Court sides with Trump it’s the beginning of the end for winning equal rights for us.

Maybe forever.


The Pope has been accused of heresy for his “liberal “ views on divorced couples and gays by a super conservative bunch of Catholic theologians. Just shows how out of touch Church zealots are with the real world  Heresy? It thought that went out with burning Joan of Arc at the stake. All of them including the Pope who admitted the Church has been a *little slow” in dealing with the pedophile issue should look under their noses – or maybe their robes.

It’s like Trump worrying about the NFL bullshit while North Korea aims its missiles at us.

By the way, I agree with Trump that these football players should be fired. I am a Protestant but when I worked for a Catholic hospital and put on my ID I followed the rules of that organization. Freedom of speech belongs in their personal lives, not on the field where they are making millions of dollars paying a boys game. If they think there’s a better place to live I’m sure lmmigration would be happy to escort them to the nearest airport.


I’ve subscribed to Men’s Fitness for years only to be told after renewing that they will no longer be publishing. My theory: the young hunks they glorified in their pages no longer read magazines and can get a shitload of free stuff off the web, while the the mag largely ignored us old farts who still do  – read that is.


The revived Will and Grace debuts tonight. I’m one of the few gay boys who did not watch the show when it was first on – l don’t watch sitcoms, and l thought the show’s premise silly. And from l read, it sounds like the show will resume as if nothing has happened in its characters’ lives. Frankly, I think its relevance has come and gone. Besides cable has vastly diluted the network sitcom audience since Will and Grace debuted almost twenty years ago. And for younger gays there’s a new diversion.

It’s called the web.



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