It’s Over

It’s Over

It was over with 9/11 though most of us didn’t want to believe it.

Now sixteen years, dozens of incidents and thousands of lives blown away in an instant later, the complacent life many of us grew up with is gone.


Gun control?

Too late, way too late.

If we did away with the First Amendment, it wouldn’t matter anymore.

If a nut wants to get a gun – or 49 as the Vegas shooter had up in his hotel room – and transport them up there with not one person picking up on it,  he’ll find a way.

Metal detectors at the entrance of every public venue, every supermarket and theater and motel?

Computerized tracking of gun sales so it’s impossible to buy 49 guns and zillions of rounds of ammunition?

Again, would it matter when there’s always a black market and money? And people who don’t care about their own lives let alone others?

No, as l texted my neighbor when she broke the news to me, stop taking vacations or going to the movies or concerts or dining out or hitting the mall, have your food delivered to your house, and turn your windowless walk-in closet into an entertainment center.

Or like l’ve said before, live for the moment.

Cuz that’s all we got.

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