FB: Will You Get Your Priorities Straight Already?

FB: Will You Get Your Priorities Straight Already?

I’m sure a number of you have spent time in Facebook prison for posting what the FB convent nuns considered “inappropriate” based on their definition of “community standards.” Like the time l got locked up for two weeks for showing too much bulge in my speedos, or 30 days and the threat of possible banishment to the World of the FB Deprived because they claimed the shadow of my penis was showing through my shorts

And when l wanted to spend money on FB advertising to promote one of my works of gay erotic romance, “Buy Guys,” using the cover art depicting my two protagonists, bare chested, l was told the art was unacceptable under FB’s advertising standards.

Fuck ‘em.

With the web and sex all over the place, today’s kids know more about all that deliciously nasty stuff at ten than l did at 21.

Meanwhile, under duress, FB finally handed over to a congressional investigation committee looking into Russia’s meddling in our last Presidential election over 3000 ads and links to pages posted and paid for by Russian web mongers probably backed by Putin to bad mouth Clinton and the Dems and sway the results to the court jester we now have in the White House.

Isn’t it pretty obvious they got their priorities screwed up? Or maybe they don’t.  All that advertising revenue to usurp our democracy is  all right. Letting some poor sex starved guy in Great Falls, Montana, get a boner looking at my shadowy penis is a sin.


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