What’s This “ Breed Me” Thing Going On?

What’s This “ Breed Me” Thing Going On?

It’s not just the older guys who can’t get it up anymore, it’s a big chunk of young gays who don’t want to get it up anymore or are too doped up to do it who are not just asking, but demanding tops to “breed me, breed me, breed me.”

Besides the obvious – a higher risk of infections from STD’s including HIV –  what l get annoyed about is all the pressure of performance this puts on the top while all the bottom is doing is laying there and taking it with very little in the way of reciprocation. Barely a lick on the dick. I mean who the fuck are they to demand this of me when they’re doing virtually nothing in return. With the level of intimacy they’re offering, l might as well shoot in a flesh light.

Now if l were 21 or 31 or 41, maybe l’d give the guy a run for his money, but l’m a daddy who likes to take his time, no apologies offered. Otherwise go find that 21 year old. Or that fucking machine off Fort Troff.

Right now, as one of my lovers, l blessed to have a 36 year old densely furry, masculine Latin stud with a body by Michelangelo who happens to dig older hairy daddies and who kisses like Valentino and sucks my dick like a champ before l rim and penetrate one of the most glorious furry manholes in my gay career. So, yes, it can happen.

But I’m beginning to wonder if this breeding epidemic is gay love in our times. Hey, guys have been barebacking forever, even after the AIDS Genocide of the ‘80’s and early 90’s when, contrary to folklore, condom use did not go up. And now in this age of PReP, viral loads that are indistinguishable, etc., barebacking is back, better than ever.

A few years ago during a promotional campaign for one of my books, a woman who unabashedly identified herself as “a naive heterosexual,” asked me through a web chat if barebacking was becoming popular because of bareback porn. “No, honey, “ l replied, “it’s all about hormones and lust.”

But what is this gangbang mentality about taking anonymous loads from a deli line of dicks? Is this the way gay men, particularly millennial gays, interpret as being loved?  The more loads they take, the more they’re bred, the more they are cherished, admired, and respected? Or is it to obliterate in their minds the reality that finding love and all the commitment it carries is an almost impossible dream for most people?

Talk about love in the fast lane.

Sad, fucken sad.

My series, “My Life as A Gay Man” resumes Monday.

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