My Totally Unconventional, Completely Fucked Up (in A Nice Way) Christmas

My Totally Unconventional, Completely Fucked Up (in A Nice Way) Christmas

I knew l would be spending this Christmas weekend alone – just me and my doggies – and loved the idea. What family l had left, my sister, her husband and grown kids, were back on Long Island, and my ex, George at our home in PA had repeatedly rejected my offers to come down here to my Fort Lauderdale home for the winter. Do you think our super fight the last winter he came down two years ago which almost ended up in one of us landing in jail and the other in the morgue had anything to do with it?

Plus, why the hell would l abandon my sub-tropical surroundings for Ice Locker Snow Country?

Fuck that!

But, you think, what about all those hot fuck buddies you keep bragging about, Ray?

Well, A, my fifty something clone was tied up with a female house guest and long-time friend, in from Montreal; B, my 43 year old black Irish lover, who said he couldn’t live without me, was on vacation on the Left Coast with his hubby; Lover C, my 36 year old Latin stallion who said he would do anything for me and who l introduced to fist fucking, was visiting his folks in Venezuela; and Lover D, my 54 year old cutie who looks 35 and has an emotional maturity of a 17 year old, would be with his brother.

That is until Lover D found out three of his brother’s kids from two failed marriages would be visiting their tiny apartment. The last time they came over, they ransacked D’s room unannounced, went into a bag, pulled out a dildo, pranced up to him and asked, “What’s this Uncle?”

Pleading with me to take him in, Lover D was hard to say no to, considering he was the best cocksucker l had ever met in my 48 year professional career as a gay man. One time, he would have broken the Guinness Book of Records, if there was a category for the longest cocksucking session ever.

Ten hours straight. Scout’s honor.

I was also playing his mentor of sorts. as he tried to get his life back in order (probably for the fifth time) and find a job so he could afford his own place. I had taught resume writing during my years as a part-time adjunct professor at one of the leading universities in South Florida, and he brought his last resume for me to look at.

Okay, so D comes over Friday afternoon, we enjoy some horse play in my pool and he, or l should say his mouth, is just warming up when who texts me but Lover A, my clone and who could have been the love of my life if we had met at a different time in our individual lives, but was no longer relationship material, and who had told me he was going to play celibate while his girlfriend was staying with him. Who knows, maybe she had a boyfriend or girlfriend of her own in town, but Lover A, who was notorious for hitting me up last minute,  suddenly had the opportunity for some nookie, and texted me his very familiar line, “Wanna be bad?”

Now, l had invited D one time to suck both of us off and wasn’t happy when A was showing a little too much interest in D, but l two choices now: tell A l was preoccupied, knowing l might not see him again for weeks because of Girlfriend, or tell D that the show was over and to get the fuck out.

Not happy with either option, and with D’s consent, l said yes to A, and for a few hours we had a very amicable threesome. And when A who had gotten more affectionate over summer  while l was away with my ex at our home in PA, asked for more alone time with me, D very graciously complied and retreated to my other bedroom and watched porn. A few hours later, while A and l made some of the most passionate love in our two year relationship, D returned with some bondage positions he’d like to try on the two of us “hot daddies.”

Fortunately, Home Depot was already closed.

By 2 – a.m. –  A had played-out our ritual dance.and left, and by 4 D, after some more of his favorite past time, edging my cock, got me off, we both grabbed a few hours of sleep.

Saturday, however, instead of being a timeout, brought up the curtain on Act 2 with D reviving my cock and gjving me another award winning blow job.

I guess reviewing his resume will have to wait.

But not on New Years. C, my furry Latin stallion, will be back from his visit to his native country, Venezuela, and he claims ready for daddy, or maybe a new guy who l met a couple of weeks ago, a fifty three year landscaper with a tight furry bod from Philly who’s snowbirding for the winter and who agrees is my long lost twin, may be the one by my side sipping champagne when the clock strikes midnight 2018.

With a Christmas weekend like that, who needs Santa Claus?

One thing though: I thought retirement was all about playing golf.








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