Welcome to Amerika, Where Censorship is Alive and Well

Welcome to Amerika, Where Censorship is Alive and Well

A few years ago, ATT, my smartphone carrier, made me an offer l couldn’t refuse. I could get a tablet from them for ninety-nine cents, have a larger data plan and actually pay less than l did with the plan l currently had.

Sounds like a no brainer, right?  Well it was except for one bump in the road. When l activated my tablet, Yahoo, the built-in search engine, wouldn’t allow me to open any sites that even smelled of sex: no hook up sites, not even my own blog that had the word  ”gay” in its web address. I tried to remove the parental controls but couldn’t. Neither could the ATT rep who suggested l switch to Google which l did. But as l wrote in the blog at the time about my experience, who the fuck is Yahoo to censor what l pull up.

Well, get ready for censorship like this country hasn’t seen since wartime – and long before the World Wide Web – when restricting info D.C. claimed was for our protection.

A few weeks ago, the Federal Communications Commission that controls all media in this country like God controls the weather, did away with the Net Neutrality Act adopted when the web was born a generation ago and essentially prohibited carriers from censoring content. Now with that reg history, these carriers can do anything they please, including slowing down or plain blocking sites they deem inappropriate which means we could all end up like l did the day l tried to pull up sexual content on my new tablet.

And would it just stop there or place in cyber purgatory any liberal-minded site that was contrary to what the current regime wanted us to see?

Coupled with that is an edict ordered by Trump’s jesters government that the Centers of Disease Control, one of the primer research bodies in the world, can no longer use words and phrases in documents that even imply forward, progressive thought. Words like fetus, transgender, or science/evidence based research which some say will set research pursuits back decades. Information sites relating to the LGBT community have also be quietly mothballed.

Who knows? In the not-too-distant future our communications may mirror the puritanical code adopted by Hollywood in the thirties and carried over to television that prohibited the word “pregnant” to be used in the I Love Lucy show back more than half a century ago when Lucy was carrying Little Ricky.  I guess everybody was supposed to think Lucy ate too many of those chocolates when she worked at the candy factory.

Happy 2018 – I think. Back here next Wednesday.

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