A Beautiful Man

A Beautiful Man

In this looks obsessed sub-culture of ours, garnering a handsome man as a trick or a fuck buddy or a lover is sadly the goal of many guys. But if you’ve been been immersed in gay life as long as l have, you’ve learned many ordinary, even homely guys would make great partners, and some of most handsome guys of our tribe are vapid shitheads with nothing behind the glitz Hollywood set but their own petty needs.

And then there are the few who have the looks and the bod and the personality who, no matter what your personal type, are beyond handsome. They’re what some would call beautiful.

I think the first man l ever labeled beautiful was young Warren Beatty when l saw him as a young man myself in “Splendor In The Grass.” It was said when he took some starlet out on a date for publicity, it was he, not she, the photographers went ga-ga over.

But that’s not the beautiful l’m talking about today.

I have a buddy who’s a friend with benefits and who l think anyone would consider handsome. Square cut features, lightly muscular body, and a hairy chest and abs that belong in the Hirsute Hall of Fame, he’s intelligent, personable, with a good professional job and a typical suburban lifestyle, complete with four dogs. But that’s not what makes this guy, still a hottie at fifty six, beautiful to me.

The other night when a cold spell was even gripping normally warm Fort Lauderdale, he texted me if l had any old blankets or clothing l didn’t need. He was collecting stuff to distribute to the homeless, camped out downtown. I did and after making a few other stops, his Ford truck loaded with blankets, jackets, pillows and sweats, he picked me up and the two of us went down to the forty degrees open air under-the-bus station “amphitheater” a hundred or so homeless called home.

It didn’t take long for those needy human beings – whatever the reason they were there without shelter – to converge on my buddy’s truck for our bounty which was gone in twenty minutes. All except two blankets which, walking into the fray, l held up and offered like an auctioneer. Scanning the sea of humanity huddled under tarps, l almost broke down right there.

My buddy was impressed by my boldness, but it was he who impressed me, especially when between his work with a local dog rescue group and his volunteering at a soup kitchen, he also offered acts of kindness like l had just witnessed.

On a regular basis.

In a world saturated with meism, he is a beautiful man.

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