What’s Gauche in Straight Land is Hot in Gaydom

What’s Gauche in Straight Land is Hot in Gaydom

Unless you’re being kept (lucky bastard!), you have your work-a-day world and your “out-to-score” life. Same person, two personas. And isn’t it funny how things that are considered totally gauche in straight circles are prized in gaydom? And how we shift gears to accommodate both?

In straight life, you’ve got that three piece suit and fuckin’ tie (that never fits right), or if you’re fortunate to work in a more casual environment, a polo shirt that you open only part way not to show too much skin or chest hair.

In gay life, you can’t wait to tear the shirt off and show as much skin as the law will allow, ass crack and all. And then some.

In straight life, you make sure to shake your dick real good after you take a whiz, so, heavens, you don’t stain your pants. You want to be the center of attention at a board meeting for professional reasons, not your crotch (that is, unless a member of the board likes what he sees and can help you get ahead).

Fast forward to Friday night. Out on to the town, who wears underwear? And the bigger the wet spot bulls-eye, the hotter you look. Ditto with that semi-hard-on.

A close shave for that 9 a.m. Monday morning meeting is a given. A two day growth on a Saturday night and, man, do you look rough and ready to fuck.

And deodorant? Well, you’ll get a dirty look on the subway on a July rush hour if you aren’t wearing any, but come the bar or bath house, deo is a definite no-no.

After all, he wants to sniff and lick your armpits for the sweat, not the Calvin Klein, stupid.

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