The Smart Bike Ride for AIDS: Smart For Fourteen Years

The Smart Bike Ride for AIDS: Smart For Fourteen Years

If my knee caps weren’t shot, l just might have participated with a buddy of mine in this year’s South Florida Bike Ride which officially kicked off this morning. Over 350 riders from across the country and even overseas, ages 18 through 78, gay, str8 and everything in between, left Miami for the 165 mile trek to Key West, pretty ambitious in my mind for a two day event.

Now in its fourteenth year, the Smart Ride, the second largest charity bike ride of its kind in the country, was postponed from its usual fall date when Irma wreaked havoc on our sunny peninsula. But that didn’t deter its organizers, bicycle enthusiasts, and the many who knew victims of the Gay Genocide or recognize how important the dollars the Bike Ride raises are for thousands of Floridians with AIDS today, to mount this weekend’s event. And it looks like this year may break a Smart Ride record, with close to a million dollars contributed to support AIDS-related agencies throughout the state.

I did fundraising back in my New York days as a healthcare executive and know as much as twenty five cents of every dollar donated to an organization goes to administrative costs. So l was amazed to hear the Smart Ride is a 100% volunteer event, with every penny raised going to help. Now that’s what l call heart.

Go Jim!


Above: Candlelight Vigil held Thursday evening at The University of Miami, starting point of the Smart Bike Ride.

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