I’ve Got Nothing Against Transgenders, But what About the Rest Of Us, PLEASE

I’ve Got Nothing Against Transgenders, But what About the Rest Of Us, PLEASE

Yesterday, The Lauderdale Beach was filled with participants in our annual Pride Fort Lauderdale, held, l think, this time of year to attract all the out of town tourist dollars. Okay, fine, anything to keep my property taxes reasonable and a state income tax out of Florida, thank you, but it seemed reading all the propaganda surrounding it that there was, in my mind, an awful heavy dose of transgenderism. Like the promoters were trying to shove it down our throats. (Now if it were a nice nine inch schwanz l wouldn’t mind.)

Listen, l got nothing against people doing want they wanna do with their lives unless they rob banks or rape kids – as a gay man l’m the last one to preach – but l’m sorry, enough of the transgenderism already. Sure, some of the gals to guys after their testosterone shots are hotter and hairier than some of the anatomically born men l’ve  bedded down with, but, Jesus – maybe this is the year of the transgender –  transgenders in the U.S. constitute only .06 % of the adult population where, by the most conservative estimates, gay men and women make up 5%, ten times more than transgenders.

So what about US?

What about protection from discrimination in housing and employment which the advocates denigrated to the bottom of their wish list in favor of gay marriage.

Gay Marriage. Give me a break.

Now, not only will those far more important civil rights be impossible to get, what has taken us decades to achieve is already quickly being eroded, and if the Supreme Court agrees with Trump and Company about that infamous Colorado wedding cake case and decides religious rights are a good reason to discriminate against us, folks, we’re FUCKED.

Okay getting back to transgenders. Two reasons they don’t belong in our sandbox:

Reason # 1: Many go on to lead str8 heterosexual lives. Herman who lives in Cleveland, moves to Chicago and becomes Hermione. Heromine meets David, a man from birth who accepts Hermione for who she is or, the more likely script of least resistance  is a transgender himself and was once Donna, and they get married and live happily ever after in hetero bliss.


Not us. No matter how successful and how mainstream we may be as gay men and gay women, we will always live with a stigma in this forever puritanical culture that will never die – that of being gay.

Reason #2: Transgenders themselves say they identify more as heterosexual, not homosexual. Then why the fuck are we celebrating them?? Okay, ask me that.

Enough of all this fucken “we should be inclusive” political correctness. We as gay men and gay women have a lot o fighting yet to do. Let’s focus our energies on that please.

It’s like Congress talking endlessly about the Dreamers when our health care is fucked, our roads and bridges are falling apart, and there are still millions of people – which include just about everyone I know – living on the edge.

P.S. lf there are any woman to man transgenders who have all their new  equipment in place, l’d love to bed down with you. It would make a great blog. Just make sure you’re hairy. You know, this old faggot has his standards.


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