On This Valentine’s Day, What’s Better: Love or Lust?

On This Valentine’s Day, What’s Better: Love or Lust?

Lust any day of the week in my book. Sure, deep stares, long kisses and holding his hand or him holding yours while he fucks you or you fuck him may appeal to our soft, romantic girly side, but isn’t it his hole you lust after that keeps Mr. Peter a happy fuck fella?

For me and my fuck buddy/lovers, it happens to be our down and dirty, testosterone laden lust for fur and they and l have that corner of the market all sewn up. Furry faces, hairy chests, hairy abs, furry legs and butt and natural men’s bodies  – no deodorant pleaz! – make us tearing off one another’s clothes before we even get to the bedroom (or patio lounge chair or living room sofa or utility room wall… you get the drift.) And happily, our pairs of hairy nips are hardwired to our cocks which after just microseconds of being licked, sucked or in my case bitten, send an instant message to Erection Central.

Hot foreplay, what l described in a previous blog as changing the scene (https://wp.me/pXwOp-26c), and throw away the wall clock. For guys who lust after one another, time is an inconvenience meant for other people.

Hey I recently bought a pair of see-through jockstraps at Pride Factory, our one stop shopping men’s fun store here in Lauderdale, and told the cashier behind the counter that it was all for foreplay, all sixty four dollars worth, and worth every penny.

And i’m talking about guys i’ve fucked around with dozens of times with each encounter, believe ir not, hotter than the last. Sure, after that many romps there has to be some emotional connection which comes through in our long kisses that help us jump start the dance all over again. But without attraction on an animalistic level, love, that four letter word that sometimes actually gets in the way of lustful,manly, sweaty, greasy, ritty, panting, “fuck yea” sex, would never get to home base.

In fact in my mind lust is the essential ingredient missing in today’s gay life. Sex has become either too mechanical (see Fort Toff); too virtual (see any of the hookup sites) or just ho-hum. (See tired, old and cynical.)

Lust? That’s what makes love exciting and not boring, or when a jock stud buddy comes over to your place for the Super Bowl. Only he and you end up never watching the game.

For the rest of this week and into next, l’ll be running lustful excerpts from my works of erotic gay fiction. Advance warning: go wash your cum rag now.

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