It’s Over. Period.

It’s Over. Period.

I live in Fort Lauderdale Florida, 20 miles from Parkland, site of yesterday’s school shooting. I cried for Sandy Hook, I cried for Pulse, and last night I cried for Parkland and the 17 people who died for nothing, and the thousands more who knew them whose lives will be forever changed.

Folks, it’s over. Any chance of sanity in our society is gone. Doesn’t matter if we do away with the entire First Amendment and confiscate every gun in the United States. It won’t matter or make a bit of difference. Over the next week we will hear the usual overtures in Congress that NRA should be curbed, lobbying by NRA should stop, gun laws should be changed to make it more difficult for crazies to get guns. That still won’t make a difference and we all know nothing will happen. Students at Parkland knew Cruz was a crazy, the school suspended him, so why was not any additional action taken when he talked about guns like they were toys? The mental heath treatment world is broken and will take decades to fix.

Cruz even had a picture of himself with his guns posted on Instagram. If they have algorithms to identify a picture with a girl’s boobs showing or in my case on Facebook, the shadow of my penis in my shorts that earned me 30 days in Facebook prison, God damn it, social media doesn’t have the technical wizardry to red flag such a pic?

The only slim hope is that every public venue in the United States, schools, theaters, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, have metal detectors at every entrance and exit. But you know damn well just about none of them will put out the money and will just cross their fingers they’re not next on the list.

But as we have all painfully seen in just the last few years, sooner or later your luck runs out.

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