A Lustful Excerpt from My Book, “Buy Guys”

A Lustful Excerpt from My Book, “Buy Guys”

Buy Guys, available on Amazon.com, is the story of Blaze and Pete, two young, handsome drifters with nothing and nothing to lose. Blaze convinces Pete, who is falling in love with him, to leave dreary New Jersey and lead free and easy lives as male prostitutes in sunny Fort Lauderdale, posting their profile on the male escort site, Buy Guys. Blaze, however, soon pulls Pete into a much larger, more dangerous scheme, a large scale drug smuggling gang operating between New Jersey and the Keys, that eventually threatens to destroy them both.

Blaze has been abducted by the gang since he knows too much, and in this excerpt,  Pete, desperate to find him, is told that a man known only as called John the Cop, a former New York City detective, now retired and a drug smuggler, may know his whereabouts. Pete initially meets John at the pool at Island House, one of  Key West’s leading gay resorts. Then, later that day…

It was after nine, there were only a few butts at the bar by the pool but he kept watching as guys drifted from the bar or their rooms which were off balconies facing the pool patio to some sanctuary on the second level. Pete decided to follow a guy up.

It turned out to be a whore arcade.

Pete strolled into one of the maze of rooms to find some naked old fuck lying on a platform getting plowed from behind by a blubber boy. His plower apparently done with him, the guy continued to lie there, his saggy butt ass up, snorting his poppers in anticipation of his next dick. But his would-be fan club was populated by only a few homely types who kept pulling at their soft button dicks.

As Pete moved to another shadowy corner, an arm grabbed his wrist. He looked down at the crouching figure sitting in a kind of crypt.

It was John.

“You’re not using are you, bro?” said John softly, pulling Pete down so they were eye-to-eye.

“No, I’m straight.”

“Funny, I sell junk to gay boys but never use the stuff myself. Maybe it’s the old cop in me. I collared so many brain dead shitheads when I worked Narcotics I learned from their stupid mistakes. And one thing is I never fuck around with guys who use.”

A thin ribbon of light hit John’s broad, smooth face. He raised his hand to rub it against Pete’s beard.

“You love this guy—the guy you’re looking for, don’t you?”

It was something that Pete hadn’t consciously even thought about till that moment.

“Yea, yea I do. I’m afraid they might…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find where your friend is. Meet me later ’round midnight at Saloon One on Duval and Bourbon. Like I said, my other bike buddies will be there. They should know something.”

Then John pulled off his tight white T. Pete instinctively did the same with Mitch’s orange tank. John moved in even closer and began stroking the fur on Pete’s chest as Pete put his arm around John’s shoulder.

“In the meantime you mind making love to the proper stranger?” said John. “All the men I’ve had lately are fucken ladies or boys, I don’t care how pretty they are. I need a guy, you know what I mean.”

Pete pressed his lips against John’s – yes, he knew he was fantasizing they were Blaze’s – but as he felt John’s hard smooth body against his fur, all that mattered was now.

“I live just a few blocks away,” said John as Pete followed him down the stairs. Just outside, John’s two wheel shiny, yellow chariot awaited them. “Hop on.”

Pete held onto John tightly, his arms locked around his hard waist, as they winged and zigzagged around till they came to a little gray shingled house at the end of a dead end street. The whole house was on cinderblocks and squared off by a weathered three foot high white wood fence. Some dead shrubs almost blocked the gate.

“Gotta get rid of these one of these days,” he laughed softly, as he held them back to let Pete pass.

Not much else was spoken as John grabbed two Buds from his frige, they stripped off their shorts and tops, then underwear, and collapsed into the swishy comfort of John’s water bed. John rekindled the kiss he had interrupted back in the maze, with Pete lying on top of him. He could feel John’s fingers caressing the fur on his butt, then playfully teasing his hole.

“You’re negative, right?” asked John.

Yea, you?”


“You have a beautiful man’s butt.”

“It’s yours,” said Pete without hesitation.

“In time,” said John, “in time. But first, I want to enjoy the rest of you. It’s not very often I’ve got a man—and you’re all man—laying next to me.”

He gently flipped Pete on his back and crawled up to continue his kiss, then seamlessly, slowly moved down to tongue the hairs on Pete’s chest and abs, delicately pulling on them with his mouth, till he reached his ultimate destination. As he snaked over Pete’s body, Pete could see John’s lonely cock hanging there in the shadows. It looked erect and uncut with a lot of droopy foreskin but wasn’t much compared to Pete’s very erect seven inches. That didn’t matter. It was the massive, yet gentle man who was its owner that made all the difference. And after all, if he was going to take the plunge, as Blaze once put it, John had the perfect starter dick for his never-been-fucked hole.

John continued down Pete’s magic triangle of pubes, dick and balls, and propping a pillow under Pete’s butt, began thrusting his tongue deeper and deeper into Pete’s furry butthole, as he stroked Pete’s thick, hairy thighs and Pete pressed his hands on John’s smooth, strong upper arms and shoulders.

“You are one hot man,” whispered John between licks and strokes.

“Come up here,” said Pete.

John crouched on his knees and slid closer to Pete who made love to his smooth muscular chest and abs, then slid down beneath John’s legs to devour his cock.

“You taste and feel so fucken good,” said Pete, mouthing John’s genitals as he grabbed his thick firm buttocks from behind.

“Am I worthy?” said John softy.

“I want you inside me—now,” replied Pete.

John reached over and fumbled with the drawer in the bed stand.

“Sorry,” he chuckled lightly, “you see I’m kind of a particular guy, don’t have many visitors, so I didn’t expect to…”

“To meet me?” said Pete.

“Yea,” said John, reaching down to kiss him again.

“So, do I meet your standards, buddy?”

“You’re perfect,” said John who got up off the bed to retrieve the lube and condom.

“I know we’re both negative, but better safe than sorry,” he said as he slid the rubber over his cock. The skin had retracted to reveal a big shiny head but Pete guessed his tool, though nice and thick, was no more than four inches long.

Just right.

John lifted Pete’s legs up onto his shoulders, kissed and caressed them, then aimed his dick for Pete’s tight butt hole.

Pete could feel John’s cockhead begin to enter him.

“Pull on my nips,” said Pete.

And as John did, Pete lay the back of his head against the pillow.

“OK buddy, it’s time.”

With that, John thrust his cock into Pete who clenched his fists and tensed up for a moment, then relaxed.

“You okay?” asked John, looking him straight on.

“Yea, buddy, that hole is yours.”

John gradually picked up momentum and Pete could feel his cockhead hitting the spot. It felt good, real good, and Pete grabbed his own drooling dick and began stroking feverishly.

“Take me, buddy, take me.”

“I fucken love you, dude,” said John, and with that, Pete felt John’s cockhead quiver and become a hot branding iron deep inside him as Pete spurt his load high enough to hit John’s chest.

John withdrew as Pete dug his fingers into John’s back muscles for just a moment, then collapsed onto his lover. Pete’s own cum matted the hairs on his chest as John pressed his body against him.

“If that friend ever tells you to get lost, here’s one guy who’ll never desert you,” panted John quietly in Pete’s ear.

I know that, John,” whispered Pete back, “I know that.”

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