Whoever Fucked Up At The FBI Are As Guilty …

Whoever Fucked Up At The FBI Are As Guilty …

…as Crazy Cruz himself. No more bullshit apologies or “we’ll do better next time.” Hell, if l were the daddy of one of those kids – kids – I’d go postal even if they took me out.

Probably the law protects public servants from being criminally accountable, but in my mind all of them, from the Director of the FBI to the agent on TV to every other schmuck who dropped the ball should not just be demoted or fired, but should be charged with second degree manslaughter.

The FBI had a shitload of red flag leads and they did shit with them. You mean to tell me with their resources they couldn’t ID every Nickolas Cruz in the U.S., the name the guy used who signed off on that U-tube threat – “l want to be a school shooter” – when we can???

They have to be made an example to prevent such reckless incompetence from happening again. Otherwise why are we spending millions of dollars to keep these agencies alive??

I mean, what’s the fucken point???

The FBI’s excuse is it gets thousands of threats every day and only has a handful of agents to check them out. So manufacture one less billion dollar bomber and hire the army of investigators we need.

What’s happening is eroding the very foundation of our way of life, damn it!


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