You Go Guys!

You Go Guys!

In the past l’ve been disparaging toward the younger under 30 generation for being lazy, smartphone obsessed and somewhat brain-dead.

Not anymore.

Not after the gang from Parkland hit Tallahassee and the feds and told them like it is. Intelligent, articulate and determined, they are the voters of tomorrow so all these politicians accepting these bribes and payolas from NRA, like those caught in the sexual harassment net, may soon find themselves unemployed.

Like Rubio, a senator from here in Florida, who got booed at a recent town hall meeting for accepting millions in NRA dollars for his failed Presidential pursuits. Could you ever trust a guy like that would be looking out for your best interests?

What the fuck does anybody need with an assault weapon except perhaps law enforcement?

Why can’t mental health histories be centralized and nationalized – and accurate?

Why should people be able to buy guns at 18 but can’t drink till they’re 21?




Read your Constitution. The right to bear arms was tied to the fact that at that time  – the 1790’s –  folks were all alone without the protection of a police force or an army and had to defend themselves in the middle of nowhere. Holy shit! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin must be doing belly flops in their graves right now.

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