Wonder Why l Haven’t Posted  on Facebook The Last Month?

Wonder Why l Haven’t Posted  on Facebook The Last Month?

Here are five possible reasons:

Possible Reason #1: The Mafia guy who wanted me to leave George and support me back in the eighties came back into my life when he heard G and l had split. To make up for lost time, though by now he needed a walker to get around, he took me on a first class tour of Europe, then abandoned me in Romania to get back at me for not leaving George thirty years before. Go figure. Lucky l had my Capital One Visa card on me to get home.

Possible Reason #2: The husband of the sister of the hubby of my young lover got sick and my lover’s hubby flew to Denver to help sis which allowed my lover and l to screw like bunnies all month until l had to (tenderly) kick him out for running up my food bill. You can’t take love to the supermarket.

Possible Reason #3: I spent the last month narrating the Audiobook Edition of my latest work of hard core gay erotica,  “For The Love of Samuel” published on Amazon under my pen name, RP Andrews.(My author website is hardcoregayeroticabyrpandrews.com). I used the home sound studio of a buddy’s wife who is a musician and singer who does her own recordings to do it cheaply, and she was amazed all the new things she could try on her hubby in the bedroom after listening to my very explicit man-to man sex scenes. Proof that my Audiobook Edition would do the trick was when a twenty seven old fuck buddy started masturbating over one of the chapters l played for him after we had done the nasty. How life affirming.

Possible Reason #4: I dropped the tablet l do all my writing on since my bum shoulders made using a laptop painful when my three darling doggies jumped on me for half of a bologna sandwich l had for lunch. I guess the expensive Rachel Ray dog food wasn’t good enough for them. It took a month to get the tablet repaired.

Or the Actual Reason: Facebook put me in Facebook jail for thirty days for a very artsy picture from over a year ago of me nearly naked cuddling up with one of my dogs FOR WHICH I HAD ALREADY DONE TIME. At least the Supreme Court gives you a chance to defend yourself. When you deal with FB all you’re complaining to is a computer. Good luck, fucker.

So while Zuckerberg and company took advertising and sold info on us so the Russians could skew our election, all his people and programs are worried about are guys like me showing their dick. Take my word for it: l got a nice dick.

So have fun Mark when they haul your ass before Congress. Ask me if l give a fuck. Go ‘head and ask me.

3 thoughts on “Wonder Why l Haven’t Posted  on Facebook The Last Month?

  1. R. Woody

    I think you first scenario would make for a great novel. However, without your capital one card, perhaps tied naked to your hotel bed, and quite vulnerable.


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