Broke Gay Boys

Broke Gay Boys

Now those of you who watch gay porn know about the *Broke Straight Boys” series where supposedly str8 guys who talk endlessly about pussy are willing to suck cock and get fucked when money is waved in their faces and do it so effortlessly like a duck takes to water.

Well l’m tired of the broke gay boys who populate south Florida like litter on trendy Las Olas Boulevard. You know. the ones who move from Wherever, U.S.A., to here, Fort Lauderdale, for the sun and the fun with no job skills, no car, no money and fifteen roommates. Okay they’re hot, so what? And for a pipe full of Tina they can be had for the night.

Then there are the townies like me who lead as different and alien a life from mine as can be.

John, 46 with aging good looks and an IQ of 130, hasn’t worked in his life and doesn’t want to, lives off a small trust fund and has meth for breakfast. Where he gets his candy from, when a glassine of meth the size of a packet of Splenda costs three hundred plus on the street, who knows? Maybe playing bagman for a local dealer who pays him in Lady T which costs the dealer pennies on the dollar yet never brought the candy when the two of us planned a nasty night.

Or Chris, the 54 year old who looks 30 and has the emotional maturity of a seventeen old, who parties away his HIV inspired disability check since he lives practically rent free with his older kinda responsible str8 brother who has made three babies by two ex-wives and whose kids will get everything should something happen to him, leaving little brother on the sidewalk.

Or Peter, the political activist, another IQ Olympic record breaker, whose primary career was as a sometime actor and fulltime bagger at Whole Foods, who now at retirement complained he would only be getting $600 a month from Social Security.  Did you ever work a real job Peter?

Or Travis, an IT genius who would prefer surviving on his disability check and PNPing as some Daddy’s Pup which gives him a free place to live rather than make great money in a field that’s hotter than hotter. Brains + No Ambition = Nowhere.

Or my ex-fuck buddy Jim who got canned from a good job at 56 and has $30,000 in a 401K to carry him before he loses his house – at his age l had $600,000 in my 401K plus real estate, and was already semi-retired.

Understand why l’m fed up dealing with broke gay boys?

Enough already.

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