Lust: How To Get It Back

On Wednesday I discussed the loss of lust in contemporary gay life. Today here’s one recipe for bringing it back and I described it best in my latest work of erotic fiction, “For The Love of Samuel.” My protagonist Billy encounters a pair of fraternal twin brothers Buck and Jer, who also happen to be lovers …

“But let me just ask you guys something,” I ask,  “and it’s not if your dicks are identical, too.”

“They are,” replies Buck laughing.

“Okay, if you guys are so alike in so many ways, Christ,  you practically read one another’s minds, how do you keep things fresh, l mean, l mean in the bedroom?”

“Easy,” says Jer, “we play a game called ‘changing the set.’”


“Sometimes we’re two truckers, caps, jocks and boots.”

“Other nights we put on jumpsuits,” says Buck, “and we unzip ‘em real slow.”

“Then you’ve got the after work meetings,” says Jer, “where we wear dress shirts, ties, slacks, and slowly undress one another button by button…”


“Or there’s blind man’s bluff,” says Buck, “where we stand in front of each other naked with our eyes shut and explore one another’s bodies with just our fingers and tongues.”

“The whole trick is the foreplay,” adds Jer. “Once you get that going, everything else comes naturally.”

Got it?

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