They Love Us, They Really Love Us! (Maybe)

They Love Us, They Really Love Us! (Maybe)

While l really believe most gay men don’t give two hoots about gay marriage, it’s refreshing as a member of a minority in a mainstream society filled with faghaters to hear that a recent survey by a respected nonprofit research organization found 62% of Americans across all ethic and racial  and religious lines support same-sex marriage and LGBT rights as a whole. This compares to 52%, barely a majority, just five years ago.

This comes as the Supreme Court this spring will announce its decision regarding the infamous case where a bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple on the grounds its religious beliefs would be compromised. The Trump Administration has supported religious liberty as a legit reason for businesses to discriminate against us and is looking to the Court to allow such an exclusion to “expressive” enterprises like bakers, photographers and musicians. Where would it end?

What is going largely unnoticed is that Trump and the Conservative Majority in Congress are quietly filling open federal judicial seats with their tight assed cohorts which means the liberal movement may be pushed back or stalled for decades. On the other hand, everyone expected Gorsuch, the newest Supreme Court justice, to vote the party line but he didn’t when he sided with the liberal justices in a recent case. It reminds me of Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, a super Conservative for his time appointed by Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was the one man, more than any other, responsible for the desegregation of public schools in the early fifties, This not only fed the whole civil rights movement but fueled the women’s movement, today stronger than ever, and the gay liberation movement, now almost a half century old.

This upcoming decision by the Supreme Court is a big one, arguably even bigger than its decision on same-sex marriage. If the Court sides with Trump it could be the beginning of the end for winning equal rights for us.

Maybe forever.

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