Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

You Go Girl!

One of my neighbors here in Fort Lauderdale, a former Brit, is a  vigorous anti-monarchist, and I agree Great Britain maintains its royal history more out of tourism than tradition. But you have to give credit to Meghan Markle for her feisty streak of independence and pride in being the child of an interracial marriage which she apparently exhibited since childhood, her calm under pressure attitude on life, and the fact she’s been a working girl, no”princess” in her former existence. I would just love to know how these two people, obviously so much in love, who lived on different continents in lives that couldn’t be more dichotomous actually met – and clicked.

Sort of like me and my lover where the chemistry between us is unmistakable despite the fact he’s old enough to be my son.

Go figure.


Social  Media and School Shootings

Changing gun laws is only cosmetic dressing on a systematic problem rooted in mental illness treatment, always being viewed as a step child to “real medicine” when it comes to insurance coverage, that and the apparent lack of common sense by parents who must have blinders on when it comes to not seeing their children’s mental health issues and leaving supervision of firearms in their homes plain sloppy.  As far as I’m concerned they’re accessories after the fact or actually the perpetrators, with their child the vehicle for committing such horrific acts.

But I think also contributing to this relatively new nightmare on the American scene is the platform social media like Facebook gives these kids.  I think it’s more than coincidence that these shootings have  increased, or in fact started at all at a time when social media  began to dominate our national psyche. Where your most secret thoughts can be posted for the world to see and feed in some individuals’ deep seated need to be noticed.

And why, damn it, such as with the underhanded advertising by sinister Russian-backed organizations out to dismantle our democratic process, didn’t Facebook algorithms and human spotters identify troubling precursors left on the FB pages of the Texas and Florida shooters that should have been reported to authorities and taken down.

Not worry if the shadow of my penis can be seen through my shorts which cost me 30 days in FB prison.


Five Days in the Hospital Is Not “Minor”

I have no ill will for the woman but l couldn’t care less that Melania whose name her husband misspelled in his tweet about her  miraculous recovery spent five days in the hospital for a “minor” kidney issue. But I find that a bit strange. l was out in three days following my lower back surgery and the next day after my shoulder surgery. To have spent five days in the hospital today is implying that her problem is hardly “minor.”


I Can’t Make This One Up Folks

A buddy of mine who’s shot himself up with Tina for decades has decided to be a “good boy,” well maybe a “better boy” and smoke the shit instead, but had hesitated since “it might discolor my teeth.”

Holy shit!

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