Is Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retiring The Beginning of the End For Us?>

Is Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retiring The Beginning of The End For Us?

Probably yes.


Because although as a Republican appointed by Reagan, he voted more on the side of the Conservatives, he was the one justice more than anyone else who made possible many of the rights we as gay men and women enjoy. Perhaps the most noteworthy were the anti-sodomy and pro-gay marriage decisions for which he wrote the Court’s majority opinions. He was also the swing vote in many social movement decisions that led to positive progress.

Now Sir Trump has the golden opportunity to replace him with a staunch, tighted assed Extreme Right type and get that person passed Congress which is dominated by the Republicans. Once that happens, see our rights and women’s rights and the rights of other minorities in American society erode or even go backward.

The most lasting legacy of any President is who he appoints to the Court since these individuals are there for life and can have an impact twenty, even thirty years into the future.

Liberals were hoping that elderly justices on the Court like Kennedy and Ginsberg would hang in there till hopefully the Dems returned to the White House, but no such luck. In fact, Ginsberg, fit as a fiddle, is in her nineties but it was Kennedy at 81 who decided to call it a day.

Oh yea, they’ll be fights as cases attempting to marginalize us as second-class citizens work their way through the courts in the future. But if a case reaches the Supreme Court, a court that will now be tipped to the right, says “Sorry Charlie,” that’s it.

That’s why it’s called the Supreme Court, dummy.

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