Another Stupid Statement By A Supposedly Smart Guy

Another Stupid Statement By A Supposedly Smart Guy

This time it’s King of Facebook, his Majesty Mark Zukerberg, a Jew, who said FB posts denying the Holocaust which exterminated not only 6 million Jews but thousands of political prisoners, Catholic priests and as many as 10,000 gays, would not necessarily be removed. (But a pic supposedly showing the shadow of my penis in my shorts landed me in FB prison for thirty days). Okay, maybe he can hide behind freedom of speech as his reason, but then his Majesty went on to stupidly say – there’s no other word to describe his public relations faux pas – that he doesn’t think Holocaust deniers are intentionally getting it wrong.


I used to think the Florida sun baked people’s brains. Now I think the more money they have the stupider they get.

Or is it that good old Yiddish/New Yorkese term, chutzpah?

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